THE HENSON DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC. (THC), a 100% family owned and operated minority-owned business enterprise, is a fully integrated real estate developer, consultant and program manager based in Baltimore, Maryland.

The president and founder of THC is Dan Henson, a successful developer who has a distinguished private and public sector career in housing. Founded in 2000, the company is committed to providing full service real estate development services in urban and progressive communities.

THC has had particularly detailed experience with re-energizing former public housing developments into mixed-income, mixed-use communities for more sustainable and stable communities, offering a comprehensive vehicle to revitalize neighborhoods that nurture and support an improved quality of life for the families who reside there.

THC has worked on or is currently working on real estate development projects totaling over $600 Million – 3,000 units in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Florida. Additionally, THC serves as a consultant on numerous assignments across the country.

Our Specialties

  • Total planning and implementation of complex Affordable, Mixed-Income, Mixed-Use, Market and Mixed Finance developments;
  • Management of large-scale construction M/WBE goals and Section 3 compliance
  • Review of all capital improvement programs;
  • Design and development of rental and for-sale homes;
  • Review and option analysis of Mixed Finance proposals;
  • Review of major building systems;
  • Utilizing the physical facilities and properties of public and non-profit entities to the maximum benefit of the organization and its customers;
  • Review of all property and preparation of an analysis of various options for redevelopment;
  • Review of all capital improvement programs;
  • Design and development of senior residences;
  • Review and development and implementation of tenant self-sufficiency programs

Developer Experience

THC’s projects demonstrate its tremendous capacity and track record for successful large-scale residential and mixed-use developments, including public/private partnerships and privatization initiatives for public housing authorities. The firm specializes in creating state-of-the art mixed income communities with market rate and affordable homes sharing the same quality materials, furnishings and construction techniques. THC excels in structuring and obtaining sophisticated mixed financing that include LIHTCs, bonds, HOPE VI funds, municipal funds, developer equity and other private and public sources.

The firm’s vast portfolio includes low-to-moderate income rental and market rate homeownership units, elderly housing, garden and high-rise facilities, and townhouses.

Our staff has extensive experience in managing physical development challenges. We are sensitive to the need to meld physical needs to neighborhood’s, resident’s and a city’s needs. We believe that the key to the success of development is collaborative partnerships, creative financing, real resident and community participation, quality management, and experienced professionals. We combine innovative thinking with extensive experience-national and local. Our past performance reflects the solid planning, design, development, financing, construction and marketing/sales know-how we bring to the mixed income housing development process.


Henson has been recognized with awards for many of its multi-family projects, including the 2006 DCHFA 6th Annual Affordable Housing Development Award of Excellence-Notable Nonprofit Housing Developer, Tenants, and Local Church Form Winning Partnership for the rehabilitation of Golden Rule Apartments, 2014 Green Housing First Award for Fells Point Station, 2015 Best of Tampa Award for The Oaks at Riverview HOPE VI in Tampa, Florida, and most recently the 2019 Vision Award from the Committee of 100 on the Federal City.

Financial Capacity

The THC Team has worked extensively with federal, state and local agencies and housing authorities to finance affordable and mixed-income housing. Our background also includes commercial, mixed use and market rate residential financing. Thanks to THCs excellent track record, reputation for completing projects and longstanding relationships with area lending institutions and private investors, we have access to acquisition, construction, bridge and permanent financing of large scale projects.

Our financing techniques are designed to make the most effective use of public funds while providing a fair return on investment. Staff members are pioneers in structuring complex multi-source financing transactions using private and public sector funds, bonds, Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Choice Neighborhood Funds and other complicated resources.


Morningside Homes, a HOPE VI project transforming a 380-unit super block and the surrounding working class neighborhood into a mixed income, mixed tenure community of choice. THC was the M/WBE and Section 3 Compliance Manager for this project.

Housing Authority of New Orleans, contracted by HUD to serve as the Board of Commissioners for this troubled housing authority during calendar year 2001. Oversaw the demolition of the Desire and St. Thomas HOPE VI redevelopments.

D.C. Housing Authority, Real Estate Portfolio Analysis -THC conducted an extensive analysis of all property owned by DCHA and made specific recommendations of short and long term plans for each.

Public/Private Partnership Experience

THC is familiar with the demanding timeframes that can arise when working with multiple entities and are up for the challenge. We don’t fear deadlines. We embrace them. It’s part of our strengths as a private sector developer-led team — proactive analysis and strategies, state of the art capabilities and responsiveness to client needs and tight turnaround times.

We pride ourselves on meeting or beating every project schedule and budget. As a developer, THC’s forte is applying private sector cost control, efficiency and scheduling to construction and redevelopment. Every path is a “critical path.” To date, every THC project has come in on time and within budget.

Urban revitalization takes place within a regulatory framework. Successfully navigating these intricacies requires attention to both the details and the spirit of applicable laws. THC is intimately familiar with building codes, zoning issues and applications, regulations and laws, in addition to HUD and other federal, state and municipal program sources of funding for mixed income, mixed use and publicly subsidized housing. We routinely develop projects that require interaction among an array of local, state, federal and private requirements governing every facet of the development, from pre-development to financing to construction to operation.

In the course of structuring some of our most complex projects, team members crafted innovative solutions to the many policy issues that arise from Federal Funding Program’s like HOPE VI and Choice Neighborhood’s flexibility sometimes conflicting with existing HUD regulations, such as: Total Development Costs; Section 504 as it relates to Homeownership Units; Operating Deficit Guarantees; Disposition of Public Housing Land, i.e. Ground Lease vs. Fee Simple Disposition; Privatization of Property Management; Procurement Procedures; Conflict of Interest Regulations; MBE/WBE Requirements; Section 3 Requirements; Resident Business Development; HUD Standard Certifications; and Development and Overhead Fees.

THC has used a variety of financing tools to redevelop distressed communities. Tax Credit Equity; Tax-exempt Bonds; Bond and Escrow Construction Interest Income; HOPE VI Funds; Choice Neighborhood Grant Funds; Public Housing Modernization Funds; State Housing Funds, i.e. Partnership Rental Housing Program; HOME Funds; CDBG Funds; Motor Vehicle Funds; Section 108; and Section 202. THC was part of the development team to close the first Twinning Tax Credit deal in the State of Maryland. Complex financing is our specialty.

We are well versed in: LEED accreditation, principles of Universal Design, Visitability Guidelines; Minimum Bedroom Size Guidelines; Local Construction Details and Standards; BOCA Code Regulations; ADA, ANSI and Section 504 Requirements; Sediment and erosion control issues, stormwater management and mass grading.

THC brings a special affinity for anticipating needs, thanks to THC Principal Dan Henson. From 1993-1999, Mr. Henson served as both Executive Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and Commissioner of Baltimore’s Department of Housing and Community Development. During his tenure in those positions, HUD awarded Baltimore a total of $172 million in HOPE VI funds for six redevelopments, the most awarded to any city. These grants were leveraged to obtain approximately $600 million for the redevelopment of Baltimore’s public housing. His achievements include ridding the country’s fourth largest PHA of its distressed high rises and other unlivable public housing projects. Baltimore was also awarded a $100 Million Empowerment Zone grant during his tenure. Mr. Henson has been sought after as a leading expert on HOPE VI projects for public housing authorities across the country, including Baltimore, Winston-Salem and Greensboro, North Carolina, New Orleans, Daytona Beach and Tampa, Florida and many others.